Sleep rejuvenates us, gives us energy, clears our mind, and promotes healthy cell growth and hormone production. Unfortunately, many people suffer from a distracting and frustrating condition called sleep apnea, which can lead to severe snoring and disrupted sleep. If left untreated, this can lead to a whole host of medical problems that come from poor sleep quality. Fortunately, DermaNuva Skin Laser and Health in Olds, Alberta is able to treat sleep apnea using state-of-the-art NightLase® technology. To learn more information, contact us today and set up a consultation.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when a person temporarily experiences breathing cessation during sleep. This is usually due to soft tissue in the back of the throat getting in the way of the natural breathing pathways.

When a person stops breathing like this, they may wake suddenly. They may also snore loudly, causing difficulty in getting the full benefits of deep, unbroken sleep. Chronic snoring can become a health hazard and correlates often with high blood pressure and cardiac problems.

What are the Benefits of NightLase®?

When sleep apnea is effectively treated, a patient can experience the many benefits of a full night’s sleep. The patient can remain asleep for longer as well as fall into a deeper sleep state that is more conducive to feeling refreshed the following morning. Treatment can lead to a clearer mind, sharper focus, and a vastly improved mood.

Generally speaking, NightLase® treatment is particularly effective because it works to correct the root of the problem. It does more than simply treat the symptoms; it addresses the cause of sleep apnea, which is the gradual loosening of tissue inside the throat.

How Does the Treatment Work?

This is a gentle laser treatment that works on the mucosa tissue of the throat. By mildly treating it in this way, our medical professionals are able to tighten the soft tissue of the throat. As a result, the tissue is no longer loose enough to block the air passages while the patient sleeps, and normal breathing should be restored.

Typically, more than one NightLase® treatment will be required in order to achieve ideal results. Every patient is different, so the exact results of NightLase® vary from patient to patient.