Migraines can be devastating, and they differ from normal headaches in their severity and symptoms. If you’re living with these headaches, you should know that there is relief available.

The good news is that Alberta Health care covers the payments of Migraine treatments and if conditions are met, every 90 days. Contact us today at DermaNuva Skin Laser and Health in Olds, Alberta to schedule a consultation for more information.

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Do You Have Migraines?

Migraines have very specific symptoms, and if you’ve noticed any of the following, come see us about how to get relief:

Many people with these headaches will see a visual aura, like flickering lights, before the onset of pain. These often last five to 60 minutes, and the headache itself typically sets in about an hour later.

Personality Changes
Sudden mood changes can also be a sign of migraines. Typically, you’ll feel either sudden excitement and energy or depression and irritability not long before the headache arrives.

Disorders in the Rest of the Body
Some who suffer from migraines also deal with extreme sensitivity to light or sound. Even smells may be unbearable at times. Others may feel constantly nauseous and deal with regular vomiting.

Food Cravings
Another symptom that often precedes migraines is a strong food craving. Most often, this craving is for chocolate, but it can be for nearly anything.

Throbbing Pain
These headaches almost always involve intense throbbing, and this can be on both sides of the head or just one. You may also experience eye pain.

The Downsides of Life with Migraines

The primary downside of these headaches is their debilitating nature. Without medication or some other treatment, frequent headaches can make it almost impossible to live life. And while medications are available, they come with side effects, and over-medication is a concern for those who suffer from headaches often.

The Benefits of Professional Treatment

While ice packs, medications, dark rooms, and home remedies can make the pain a little easier, none of these are as effective as professional treatment. Today, we know that neuromodulators can decrease the frequency of headaches by an average of 50%. They do this by stopping the nerve signals to the muscles.

Have a Simple Treatment
For such a difficult condition, it’s hard to believe that a simple solution exists. In the early 90s, people seeking neuromodulator treatments for wrinkles in their forehead began reporting fewer headaches. Clinical trials were held, and neuromodulators were quickly approved as a simple and effective treatment.

Use Fewer Medications
Medications always come with side effects, but simple treatment once every few months allows many patients to take far fewer pills. Some are even able to ditch the pills completely. However, it all depends on the unique case, as results vary from patient to patient.