DermaNuva’s double-chin treatment is a non-surgical injectable treatment that helps to eliminate fat cells under the chin. Over a series of sessions, the injectable treatment aids in reducing the fat layer to redefine your jawline and slim your chin.

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About This Procedure

Many clients struggling with a double chin find that it can be difficult to reduce, despite training and diet. A double chin often has nothing to do with body weight, but more to do with hormones or heredity. This can be incredibly frustrating; a double chin can make you look older, thicker and unhealthy.

The active ingredient in chin-reduction treatments such as Belkyra® is a synthetic non-human and non-animal formulation of deoxycholic acid, which is a molecule already in the body. Deoxycholic acid is a digestive enzyme that degrades fat from the food we eat. When the product is injected into the fat beneath the chin, the fat degrades, destroying the cell membrane, which prevents the fat cells from coming back.

Our double-chin treatment offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • Quick treatment time
  • Long-lasting results
  • No scalpels, sutures or stitches
  • Minimal downtime
  • Proven safe and effective
  • Health Canada-approved

What To Expect

Here is a quick guide for what to expect before, during, and after your treatment. Please keep in mind that results may vary.

Before Treatment

Prior to administering the treatment, ice packs and/or injectable local anaesthesia will be applied to the treatment area to make you more comfortable.
We may also suggest that you take paracetamol before your appointment.

During Treatment

The procedure starts with outlining the place where the deposits of fat are located.
A specially prepared mesh, with marked spots for administering the drug, is sealed into place.
The treatment requires several dozen injections in specific places – the mesh helps with setting the exact location of administering the medication.
During the treatment, the injected area changes colour and becomes swollen.

After Treatment

Although it shouldn’t restrict your activities, you will most likely be swollen after treatment, and may desire to take the rest of the day off work.
Your double chin will get approximately twice as big for a least a couple of days, and remain swollen for up to 14 days.
This swelling is actually crucial to your result; it is a sign of successful treatment and helps the healing process in the area.

Result & Recovery Notes

The double-chin treatment does not need to be repeated like neuromodulators or fillers.
Once you have completed your course of treatment, it is not expected that you should need to repeat the treatment.
The treatment has been scientifically proven to be effective and long-lasting with an excellent safety profile.


Our double-chin treatment has shown to be effective in removing the superficial fat lying on top of the platysma muscle in the neck.

Most people treated have experienced a visible improvement in their chin profile after two treatments, although four may be necessary for maximal improvement.

We will examine your neck and advise if this treatment is appropriate for your concerns. Sometimes, the appearance of a double chin can be caused by other factors, like fat under the muscle, an enlarged muscle under the jaw (digastric muscle), or loose skin. In this situation, even though the superficial fat has been removed, the area may still retain some fullness.

More Info

Ideal Candidate

  • You’re aged 18 and over.
  • You have unwanted fullness around the chin and neck area.
  • You have minimal to no excess skin around the neck and chin area. This treatment designed to target the stubborn fat cells, not skin laxity.
  • You’re unhappy, self-conscious, embarrassed by fat under your chin.
  • You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are.
  • You don’t want to have surgery.
  • You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away.

Not Recommended For

If you are planning a surgical facelift, neck lift or liposuction we suggest holding off on any double-chin treatments. This treatment is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and should not be done if you are allergic to deoxycholic acid, or if you have a current infection in your chin area.

Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with double-chin reducing injections include: pain at the injection site, swelling, bruising, numbness, redness, tingling, formation of small areas of hardness, warmth and discolouration, and itching around the treatment area.
Our doctors will fully discuss the treatment with you at your consultation and can answer any questions you have.