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Confessions of a (Former) Skincare Junkie

At DermaNuva we offer you the best skincare solutions, using innovative, natural products & up-to-date technology to help you find optimal skin health & beauty.

These are the confessions of one of our clients during her Advanced Skin Analysis.

“I’ll admit it – as an early adopter of social media, I woke up one day and realized that I had fallen prey to the influence of, well, influencers.

I was enchanted both by the (likely heavily filtered) glowing skin and glowing product reviews that crossed my screen every time I opened my phone or laptop. Every time I clicked “Add to Cart” I hoped that I had finally purchased the holy grail of skin products, one that would transform my skin into the even-toned, unblemished version that I dreamt of.

My bathroom cupboard was overflowing with skincare products that I seldom used, but at some point had convinced myself that I couldn’t live without them. Oil cleanser? Check. Foaming cleanser? (Because at some point it became taboo to only wash your face once) Check. Oils? Serums? Mists? Exfoliators? Sheet masks? Sleeping masks? I owned ALL of them, and usually more than one of each.

Was I clear on exactly what they were supposed to be doing for me and if they were actually making a difference? Not so much. Were they even suitable for my skin type? Well, I thought they were, or at the very least had talked myself into believing that I needed them.

Finally, I had to admit that I had become overwhelmed. I was a skincare hoarder, but I wasn’t happy with my skin, or my lack of bathroom storage space.

Serendipitously, it was right around this time that I learned about Dermanuva’s unique skincare line by the name of Dermaviduals®. Originating from Germany, it touts itself as being unique because of its “outside-in” approach to skincare. But what really made me sit up and take notice was their claim to customize products specifically for MY skin. Wait, what?! Furthermore, I couldn’t get my grubby little uneducated hands on the products in a store or online – I had to schedule an appointment with a skin therapist who would determine which products were right for me.

And there it was – my lightbulb moment. I had been shopping for skincare aspirationally for years, never considering that I needed anything more than the guidance of a Sephora salesperson to achieve perfect skin. Upon further consideration, this was akin to taking medication based on the advice of someone who had solely been educated by pharmaceutical sales reps. Their job was to sell products, not to determine what my skin’s true issues were using any sort of empirical evidence. How had something so obvious never occurred to me until now?

I scheduled the first available appointment I could get. I arrived bare-faced and unshowered, as instructed by my therapist. My skin analysis consisted of having diagnostic photos taken with a special camera that could capture what was going on underneath the surface (which is why it was important that I be makeup-free, and my skin untouched since the evening before), followed by having readings of the oil & moisture content of my skin taken by specialized equipment. It was then that I learned my skin was considered dry, which came as a huge shock to me. Dry? I’d considered myself oily-skinned since I was a teen! Sure, I’d battled chronic dry patches on my T-zone, but I’d always written them off as seasonal, or as the result of poorly-timed, self-administered chemical exfoliation experiments (Retin-A, I’m looking at you).

I left my appointment with 4 products – a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream – that made up the entirety of my new skincare lineup. My mind was blown. It had been decades since things had been this simple. I had the option to further customize and add to my routine at a follow-up appointment, but first I was to begin with this starting lineup, which would get my skin to a healthier, more balanced state. From there, I could work with my skin analyst to add ‘active ingredients’ to specific products that would target issues that I wanted to work on. In my case, it was redness, congestion, the aforementioned dry patches and general anti-aging.

It has been 4 months since my initial appointment, and I have since expanded my skincare routine to a grand total of 6 items (I now have an AM & PM moisturizer and a lovely, gentle exfoliator). For my own sanity, I didn’t ever count how many products used to be in my cupboard. Those days are gone now, and I can happily report that my skin looks and feels better than it has in years.

I’ve come to appreciate the importance of an individualized skincare routine. Setting aside time for myself each day, with a calming, gentle, non-rushed routine made up of products that I know are right for me is as therapeutic for my skin as the products themselves.”

If you find you’re overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with your skincare routine, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. We encourage you to book your Advanced Skin Analysis at DermaNuva and get started on the Dermaviduals® journey. Your search for the perfect skincare routine could be just a phone call away.

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Confessions of a (Former) Skincare Junkie

At DermaNuva we offer you the best skincare solutions, using innovative, natural products &...
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